About Us

We guarentee some may be on your products, even when you didn't request it!

Enchanted Soapery is a small business run by 2 sisters Jessica & Alicia. Together they create magical handmade bath, body & home products.

Jessica has always had a love for science and beauty. She has over 20 years in the beauty industry as a cosmetologist and salon owner. She specializes in hair color chemistry.

Enchanted Soapery came about due to Alicia taking Jessica to a soap gathering (about 40 women with the same interest in cold process soap making). That was in 2015.

Jessica has always wanted her own shampoo and conditioner line. After a long time spent researching the chemicals involved, it turned her away until she learned about cold process soap. 

Alicia's primary job is a graphic designer. She got into soap making first to help her sons skin. She is also to thank for the amazing labeling that we now have.

Combined they have spent countless sleepless nights researching and understanding the amazing and beneficial properties in natural oils and butters to create the most amazing soaps, body butter, lip balms, perfumes, bath bombs and more!

Heart, soul, tears, a few curse words from time to time, creativity and knowledge go into everything Enchanted Soapery has to offer and we hope you love it as much as we do.