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Traditional Ornament Set

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10 CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS!!! That you get to make sparkle and match your tree!

Only decision you need to make is if you need the glitter and whether or not you want black or red felt.

Our ornaments works great with fine glitters, micas and even fine sand!!!

When you are all done, you seal it (glue provided with All In One Kit) and then apply the supplied backing! There is 1 predrilled hole for you to add your own favorite hook, ribbon or twine.(Hanging material Not included)

Base Kit Contains:
6 - 3.5" Blank GlitterPeel Ornaments attached to Clear acrylic
6 - 3.5" Precut Felt Backers (Self Adhesive)
4 - Mini Stars
4 - Mini Star Precut Felt Backers ( Self Adhesive)
1 - Set of instructions
1 - Coloring sheet

All In One Kit Contains:
1 - Base Kit
1 - 10 Stack of Glitters
(red,orange,yellow*,green,blue,purple,pink, brown, silver, black)
1 - 10 Stack of Iridescent/Holographic Glitters
*Color Is Iridescent
☆Color is Holographic
(pink*, yellow*, orange*, blue*, green☆, purple☆,fuchsia☆, gold☆, silver☆, black☆)
1 - Bag White* Glitter
1 - Bag White*☆ Glitter
1 - Mini Glitter Spoon
1 - Peel & Pick Pen (color random)
1 - Brush (Used for dusting and then final glue coat)
1 - 30ml Measuring Cup (mixing glitter or for your glue)
1 - All Purpose Adhesive Glue

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